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She was a top heroine in the pre-partition movies in the 1930s/40s
Bibbo - Supporting actress - She was a top heroine in the pre-partition movies in the 1930s/40s
Facts on Bibbo
Real name Ishrat Sultana
First film Alam Ara (Hindi/Urdu - 1931)
First film Shammi (Punjabi - 1950)
Active career
Life - 25-05-1972
Born at Delhi, India
Profession Acting

Bibbo belongs to Delhi, where her mother was a famous dancer - the common background as lot of other film actresses had in the sub-continent!.

She got chance in first ever talkie film Alam Ara in 1931. Maya Jal (1933) was her first film as heroine. Her pair was famous with Master Nisar, Surindra and Kumar. She was seen in more than 30 movies as leading actress.

Bibbo was a supporting actress in Pakistan. Dopatta (1952), Sassi (1954), Zehr-e-ishq (1958), Ishq Par Zor Nahin (1963) and Armaan (1966) were some of her famous movies.

Bibbo died in 1972 in Karachi.

More details by Mohammed Ayub Qureshi, Saudi Arabia:

Bibbo's real name was Ishrat Sultana and she was very famous, graceful and a rich film actress of the 1930's in pre-partitions movies. It is known that her shoes were studded with diamonds and whenever she entered in any shop for shopping spent a lot of money there. Rajay Maharajay and Nawabs at that time were in her fan's list. She also had relations to the Prime Minister (or Deevan) of Pakistan's ex-state of Junagarh Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto, the father of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who allotted a plot to her in the 70s. (Junagarh was a small state, located on the coast of Indian province of Gujarat. Accession of Junagarh to Pakistan happened on September 5, 1947 and the Indian forces occupied this Hindu majority state on November 9, 1947).

The last days of Bibbo's life were very miserable and poverty stricken. At the time of her death in Karachi, no one was around her to drop some juice in her mouth. 

اداکارہ ببو کو یہ اعزاز حاصل ہے کہ اس نے برصغیر کی پہلی متکلم فلم عالم آرا (1931) میں اداکاری کی تھی۔ وہ تیس اور چالیس کے عشروں کی ایک سپرسٹار اداکارہ تھی۔ پاکستان میں اس کی پہلی فلم شمی (1950) تھی۔ اس کی پہچان صرف ایک معاون اداکارہ کے طور پر تھی جو عام طور پر ماں کے کرداروں میں نظر آتی تھی۔ وحیدمراد کی فلم ارمان (1966) اس کی پچاس کے قریب فلموں میں سے ایک یادگار فلم تھی۔ 1972ء میں اس کا انتقال ہوا۔

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