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Radio broadcaster, director general of Radio Pakistan

Z.A. Bukhari

He was a legendary Radio broadcaster and poet
Z.A. Bukhari - Radio broadcaster, director general of Radio Pakistan - He was a legendary Radio broadcaster and poet
Facts on Z.A. Bukhari

Real name Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari
Active career
Life - 12-07-1975
Born at Peshawar
Profession Radio broadcasting
Relations Patris Bukhari (brother)

Z.A. Bukhari was born in 1904 in Peshawar and joined All India Radio when it started in 1936. He was director general of Calcutta and Bombay Radio stations before partition. He was trained in broadcasting from London and was pioneer of BBC Urdu Service. He was also the first Director General of Radio Pakistan and also the first General Manager of Pakistan Television Karachi Centre when it was inaugurated in November 1967.

Z.A. Bukhari knew seven languages, Urdu, Persian, Punjabi, Bengali, Pashto, Burmi and English. He was also a poet and artist who acted in many Radio programmes.

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His real name was Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari and he died on July 12, 1975 in Karachi. He was younger brother of famous poet Patris Bukhari and teacher of actors like Mohammad Ali. He was also knwon for Marsia-khawani.


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