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Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi double version film from 1940

Ali Baba 40 Chor

Released date in Lahore:

Film Company: Sagar Movietone

Released date: 1940

Language: Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi double version

Made in Bombay

Genre: Folk story

Status: ?

Film director

It was first ever double version film in Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi.

Film credits of

Ali Baba 40 Chor

(Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi double version - 1940)
ActorsSurendra Nath, Sardar Akhtar, Ghulam Mohammad, Wahidan Bai, Shetty, Jagidsh Kupal, Mohan Amritsari, Ishrat Jan, Ameer Bano, Anil Biswas
DirectorMehboob Khan
Producer'sChimanlal Desai
WriterBabubhai Mehta, Zia Sarhadi
Music directorAnil Biswas
Lyricists/poetsArshad Gujrati, Shah Aziz
CinematogrpahyFaredoon A. Irani
Film music of

Ali Baba 40 Chor

(Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi double version - 1940)


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