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Mazhar Shah

He was a heavy weight villain actor in Punjabi films in the 1960s
Mazhar Shah - Film Villain - He was a heavy weight villain actor in Punjabi films in the 1960s
Facts on Mazhar Shah
Real name Syed Munawar Shah
First film BeGunah (Urdu - 1958)
Active career
Life 31-01-1923 - 11-10-1989
Born at Lahore
Language Punjabi
Profession Acting

Mazhar Shah introduced a new style of film dialogue as Barhak (brawl) which is also a national attitude of many Pakistanis. Some of his all time famous Barhak's were:

  • Oye, Main, Tabbar Kha Jan Tay Dikar Na Maran..
  • Oye, Teri Lash Nu Vi Machhian Hi Khan Gian..
  • Oye, Jinnay Saday Naal Matha Laya A, Ohdi Maa Nay Vi Vain E Paye Nay..
  • Oye, Meri Barhak Sun Kay Angrezan Nay Atom Bomb Banaya Si..

Mazhar Shah's first appearance was in an Urdu film Be-gunah in 1958, but he got breakthrough from famous Punjabi film Behrupia in 1960. Mouj Mela in 1963 was one of his big film as performer. He was main villain in Pakistan's first platinum jubilee film Jeedar (1965). Choorian (1963), Hath Jori (1964), Malangi (1965) and Jigri Yaar (1967) with Akmal, Dachi, Farangi (1964), Pagri Sanbhal Jatta (1968) and Maa Puttar (1970) with Sudhir. Phanny Khan (1965), Dil Da Jani, Yaar Maar (1967) with Allauddin, Mouj Mela (1963), Mukhra Chann Warga (1969) with Habib, Mirza Jatt (1967), Anwara (1970) with Ejaz and Sajjan Pyara (1968) and Jind Jan (1969) with Bhatti brothers were some of his other big films.

Mazhar Shah played positive roles in few films like Malangi (1965), Babul Da Wehra (1968), Diallan Day Soudey (1969) etc. He was first hero with Rani in film Mehram Dil Da and second hero with Nasira in film Laralappa in 1970. He produced four films, Kajla (1968), Mehram Dil Da (1970), Sir Da Sain (1972) and Babul Dian Galian (1986).

Mazhar Shah's real name was Syed Munawar Ali Shah and he was a retired police constable. He was born on January 31, 1923 in Lahore and died on October 11, 1989.


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