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Film Music director

Sohail Rana

A top music director from Karachi movies
Sohail Rana - Film Music director - A top music director from Karachi movies
Facts on Sohail Rana
Real name Sohail Rana
First film Jab Say Dekha Hay Tumhen (Urdu - 1963)
Active career1962-89
Life 31-03-1938 -
Born at Agra, India
Language Urdu
Profession Music

Sohail Rana was mostly known for his mega hit national songs like Sohni Dharti, Allah Rakhhay..and Jeevay, Jeevay Pakistan.. He was appointed as the general manager of National Orchestra for national television Ptv.

Sohail Rana composed music for 26 films. His debut film was Jab Say Dekha Hay Tumhen (1963). Armaan (1966), Doraha (1967), Bazi, Soughat (1970) and Badal aur Bijli (9173) were some of his most popular musical films. His last film was Hisab in 1986. He is settled in Canada  where he opened a school for singers and musicians in the 1990s..

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