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A famous actress from the 1960s
Rukhsana - Film actress - A famous actress from the 1960s
Facts on Rukhsana
Real name Rasheeda Begum (Cheeko)
First film Hamari Zuban (Urdu - 1955)
Active career(1955-76)
Life -
Born at
Profession Acting

Rukhsana was one of the most beautiful and talented artists on silver screen, but was unlucky to achieve any success as first heroine. Actually, she was more suitable for family films with her outstanding emotional acting than in typical romantic roles.

She was introduced as Rasheeda in her real name in first ever Karachi made film Hamari Zuban in 1955. She appeared in almost hundred films, one dozen of them were as first heroine. The first film was a Karachi made Urdu film Gharib in 1960, and some other famous films as first heroine were Neelam (1963) with Sudhir, Honhar (1966) with Waheed Murad and Main Woh Nahin (1967) with Kemal.

Rukhsana got more fame as side heroine in films like Mehtab (1962), Shukria, Pegham, Aashiana (1964), Faison, Eid Mubarak (1965), Josh, Jalwa (1966), Hatim Tai, Shola aur Shabnam (1967), Genterman (1969), Maa Puttar, Sajjan Beli (1970), Khoon Paseena, Bahro Phool Barsao (1972)..

Rukhsana is settled in UK, aged, widow and avoid any talk about her film life..!


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