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Folk Singer

Alam Lohar

He was a legendary folk singer from Punjab
Alam Lohar - Folk Singer - He was a legendary folk singer from Punjab
Facts on Alam Lohar
Real name Mohammad Alam
First film Lai Lagg (Punjabi - 1964)
Active career
Life 01-03-1928 - 03-07-1979
Born at Achh, Lala Musa, Gujrat
Language Punjabi
Profession Singing
Relations Arif Lohar (son)

Alam Lohar was mostly known for folk songs from famous stories like Jugni, Mirza Sahiban, Dulla Bhatti, Heer Waris Shah, Saif-ul-Maluk etc. He used a special music instrument Chimta, which became his trade mark.

Alam Lohar also sang few songs in movies like Lai Lagg (1964), Azadi ya Mout (1966), Hathiar, Khana Jangi (1979), Khan-e-Azam (1981). His patriotic song in film Azadi ya Mout (1966) was his most popular Urdu film song..

  • Dunya Janay, Meray Watan ki Shaan..

Alam Lohar also made a film Mitti da Bawa, which was not released due to some reasons. Zamurrad was his heroine and his song from this film was very famous..

  • Bol Mitti Deya Bawya Oye, Teinu Dukhan Nay Mar Mukaya..

Alam Lohar was born in a blacksmith family on March 1st, 1928 in Lala Musa. He was interested in folk songs since young age and his God-gifted melodious voice gave him opportunity to become fame as folk singer. He also owned Alam Lohar Theatre and toured all over Punjab on religious and seasonal festivals.

Alam Lohar was father of Arif Lohar and died in an accident on July 3, 1979.


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