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Film poet, writer

Hazin Qadri

A legendary poet and writer from Pakistani Punjabi movies..
Hazin Qadri - Film poet, writer - A legendary poet and writer from Pakistani Punjabi movies..
Facts on Hazin Qadri
Real name Basheer Ahmad
First film 2 Aansoo (Urdu - 1950)
Active career1950-91
Life 09-04-1926 - 19-03-1991
Born at Raja Tamoli, Gujranwala
Language Punjabi
Profession Poet, writer

Hazin Qadri was a unique artist in Pakistani films. He was lyricist, story, dialogue and screenplay writer in more than 250 films.

Legendary film director Anwar Kemal Pasha was impressed by Hazin Qadri's talent and gave him chance in his memorable Urdu/Punjabi film 2 Aansoo in 1950. Hazin Qadrigot breakthrough from musical film Heer (1955). He was the most poplar and busy poet and writer in Punjabi films in the 1960s and 1970s.

Hazin Qadri directed a film Budha Sher in 1974, and was producer of super hit Punjabi film Sajna Door Deya in 1970. He acted in few films like Guddi Gudda (1956), Jamalo and Chodhary (1962). His last film was Gangua in 1991.

Hazin Qadri was a very genius poet and wrote best seller Naat's in the beginning of his career. He got chance on Radio Pakistan Lahore and his first song became very poplar:

  • Akhian Nu Rehan Day, Akhian Day Kol Way..

Hazin Qadri was born in a small village Raja Tamoli, Gujranwala in 1926. His real name was Basheer Ahmad. He could not complete his education due to poverty and was only Primary Pass. He died on March 19, 1991.


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