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Zeba Bakhtiar

She was a famous actress..
Zeba Bakhtiar - Film Heroine - She was a famous actress..
Facts on Zeba Bakhtiar
Real name
First film Sargam (Urdu - 1995)
Active career
Life 05-11-1962 -
Born at Quetta
Relations Adnan Sami Khan (ex-husband)

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Zeba Bakhtiar is the daughter of the former Attorney General of Pakistan, Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar. She debuted from Karachi Television play Anarkali by playing title role opposite Mehmood Akhtar. Her debut film Hinain which she plyed title role was made and produced by Raj Kapoor films in India. She played the lead opposite Rishi Kapoor. She worked in more Indian films as Mohabbat ki arzoo, Stuntman, Jai vikraanta and Muqadama. She moved to Pakistan and married actor, singer, and composer Adnan Sami Khan- the son of Ejaz Sami. She has a son, Azan from Adnan Sami. She played the lead opposite Adnan Sami in Pakistani film Sargam released in 1995 and won the Nigar Award in her debut Pakistani movie. Her marriage to Adnan Sami could not stood the test of time and it resulted in their separation. That occurred after the theatrical release of Sargam, and Adnan Sami went abroad with his son, Azan. After a long child custody battle, Zeba Bakhtiar succeeded in getting her son back. She played a role in Chief Sahib. Her next film Qaid with Saud in 1999 was a flop. She directed film Babu and plyed the lead role apposite Saud but the film was a flop. She gave one of the best performance as leader of Kashmiri independence movement, Dukhtaran-e-Kashmir in drama serial Laag. Other Memorable drama serial on her credit are Pehli si mohabbat, Sangam, Kundi, Kisay apna kahoon and Gunah gaar. (by Mohammad Rizwan Anjum, Gujrat, Pakistan)



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اس دوران، 2011ء میں میڈیا کے لیے اور 2016ء میں فلم کے لیے کی الگ الگ ویب سائٹس بھی بنائی گئیں لیکن 23 مارچ 2017ء کو انھیں موجودہ اور مستقل ڈومین میں ضم کیا گیا جس نے "پاک میگزین" کی شکل اختیار کر لی تھی۔

سالِ رواں یعنی 2024ء کا سال، "پاک میگزین" کی مسلسل آن لائن اشاعت کا 25واں سلور جوبلی سال ہے۔

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