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A. Shah

He was a comedian, producer, director, writer and poet
A. Shah - Film comedian - He was a comedian, producer, director, writer and poet
Facts on A. Shah
Real name Abdul Latif Shah (Aajiz)
First film Fada-e-Touheed (Hindi/Urdu - 1934)
First film Noukar (Urdu - 1955)
Active career1939-82
Life 15-01-1910 - 21-12-1991
Born at Sialkot
Language Punjabi
Profession Film making

A. Shah or A. Shah Shikarpuri was a famous comedian from the pre-partition era. He was introduced in film Fada-e-Touheed in 1934 and appeared in films like Kurmai (1941), Armaan, Sharda (1942) etc. He produced and played the title role in film Mr. Shikarpuri in 1947.

In Pakistan, he was producer, director and writer of film Haqeeqat in 1956. He played the title roles in film like ChaCha Khamkha (1963) and Chughalkhor (1966). His famous films as comedian were Noukar (1955), Hameeda (1956), Salma (1960), Mouj Mela, Choorian (1963), Dachi (1964), Naila, Jeedar (1965), Lado (1966), Jind Jan (1969), Ik Nikah Hor Sahi (1982) etc.

A. Shah Shikarpuri was also a poet with the pen name Aajiz. One of his penned song was a great Punjabi poetry in his incomplete film Munshi Sabrang. Saleem Raza sang a rare and unforgeable song in the excellent composition of Bakhshi Wazir..

  • Mohabbat Wich Khushi Howay, Na Howay Gham, Tay Ki Howay..

A. Shah Shikarpuri was born in 1910 and died on December 21, 1991 at Lahore.

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