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Safdar Hussain

He was music director of the biggest musical film in Pakistan!
Safdar Hussain - Film Music director - He was music director of the biggest musical film in Pakistan!
Facts on Safdar Hussain
Real name
First film Heer (Punjabi - 1955)
Active career
Life - 24-03-1989
Born at
Profession music
Relations Safdar Abbas (son), Rasheed Attray (Uncle), Wajahat Attray (cousin)
Safdar Hussain was not only a musician but actually a "magician" music director. He composed super hit music in his first ever film Heer (1955). It was also the only Karachi made Punjabi film, directed by veteran actor Nazir with leading role by his wife - Sawarn Lata.

Safdar Hussain was recommended by his instructor and relative (Mamu) great musician Rasheed Attray to the director Nazir. Film Heer was super hit and Safdar Hussain became favorite music director for Karachi based film company Eveready Pictures who latter made a film Ishq-e-Laila in the competition with Lahore based film company Evernew Picture's Laila Majnu. Ironically, Safdar Hussain's "rival" in this competition was his own instructor and uncle Rasheed Attray - the battle was won by Safdar Hussain who composed not less than 19 songs in the film and most of them were all time super hit songs. It was Pakistan's biggest musical film with largest numbers of songs and most super hit songs as well.

Safdar Hussain's some other famous movies were Hameeda (1956), Nooran (1957), Nagin and Naji (1959), Dil kay Tukray (1965), Naghma-e-Sehra (1966), Shab Bakhair (1967), Janab-e-Aali (1968), Thah (1972), Pehla War (1973), Khatarnaak (1974), Wehshi Jatt (1975), Wardat (1976), Ghunda (1978), Wadda Khan (1983), Meri Awaz (1987).

His son Abbas Safdar also composed songs in a film Ruqqa in 1993 but could not succeed.

Safdar Hussain died on March 24, 1989.


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