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Supporting actor

Najmul Hassan

A prepartition film actor..
Najmul Hassan - Supporting actor - A prepartition film actor..
Facts on Najmul Hassan
Real name
First film Jawani Ki Hawa (Hindi/Urdu - 1935)
First film Eid (Urdu - 1951)
Active career
Life - 26-01-1982
Born at Lahore
Profession Acting

He was a dashing and very handsome hero of 1930's. He was selected as hero by Deveka Rani in film Achoot Kanaya (1936), but due to some reason, he was cut from the cast and Ashok Kumar did that role.

Jawani Ki Hawa (1935), Mamta aur Mian Bivi (1936), Anath Ashram (1937), Dushman, Jawani Ki Reet, Kupal Kundla (1939), Nartaki (1940), Meena Kashi (1942) and Daasi (1944), Kaisay Kahun, Ragni (1945) were some of his films.

In Pakistan, he was not successful as hero, he produced, acted and directed film Eid (1951) and worked as supporting actor in 31 movies. 19 Urdu and 12 Punjabi. His famous movies were Heer Ranjha, Mirza jat, Ashyana,Taxi driver, Babul, Nikkay Hundian Da Pyar etc. His last film was Ladla Puttar in 1980.



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