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Released date: Friday, 3 August 1956

Genre: Political motivated film

Color: Black & White

Film company: Jabbar Films

Made in Dacca, East Pakistan

Box office: ?

Film director
Title role(s):

The first Bengali feature film in Pakistan, Mukh-o-Mukhush (The Face and the Mask) was the result of the Bengali language movement of 1952 and an answer to Karachi made Urdu film Hamari Zaban last year.

Jabbar Khan the hero who directed and wrote the story of this film. He was the first ever producer, director and writer in Dhaka based Bengali movies.

The story

The story of Mukh-o-Mukhus was as usual family drama, evil versus good.The presentation style was theatrical. The film is remembrered for its historical importance. The entire printing and processing works were done at the Shahnoor Studio of Labore of West Pakistan.

Film credits of


(Bengali - 1956)
ActorsJabbar Khan, Ahmad, Purnima Sen, Nazma (Peary), Zaharat Ara, Ali Mansur, Fafiq, Narul Anarn Khan, Saifuddin, Bilkis Bad
Director(s)Nuruzzaman, Shahidul Alam, Kalimullh
Producer(s)Jabbar Khan
Writer(s)Abdul Jabbar Khan
Musician(s)Samar Das (the first music director from East Pakistan)
CameraO.M. Zaman
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(Bengali - 1956)
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(Bengali - 1956)
Lahore circuit

Released date: ?

Film status: ?

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