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Aslam Dar

He was a big name in film direction..
Aslam Dar - Film director, producer - He was a big name in film direction..
Facts on Aslam Dar
Real name Mohammad Aslam Dar
First film Dulla Bhatti (Punjabi - 1956)
Active career1956-98
Life 1936 - 24-12-2014
Born at Born at Lahore
Language Punjabi
Profession film making
Relations Durdana Rehman (wife), M.S. Dar (father), Waheed Dar, Saeed Dar (brothers)

Aslam Dar was a renowned film director and producer in Pakistan. Basically, he was a cinematographer and debuted from film Dulla Bhatti in 1956, which was directed by his own father M.S. Dar and was the first ever blockbuster film in Pakistan. His first film as film director was a jungle film Dara in 1968 but he got fame from mega hit trend maker Punjabi film Basheera in 1972. His all time greatest romantic and musical Urdu film Dillagi in 1974 was the beginning of the great era of the most successful Urdu film pair of Shabnam and Nadeem in the 1970-80s.

Aslam Dar was brother of famous director Waheed Dar (Maa Puttar fame) and cinematographer Saeed Dar. His father M.S. Dar (Mohammad Shafi Dar) was editor of two English film magazines, Movie Flash and Movie Pictorial from Lahore. His second wife was famous film actress Durdana Rehman (Ishq Nachaway Gali Gali fame). His son Raheel Dar is film distributor. He assisted great cinematographers like Jafar Bukhari and Raza Mir. He was born in 1936 and died in Lahore on December 24, 2014.

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