Jaal movement..

Leading film personalities were arrested in Lahore agitating at Regent Cinema against the realease of Indian film Jaal on July 9th, which was licensed by Pakistani government for import only to East Pakistan but not in West Pakistan. The agitation was led by W.Z.Ahmad, Shaukat Husain Rizvi, Saifuddin Saif and Sibtain Fazli while almost all famous talent followed including Madam Noor Jahan, Naina, Santosh, Sudhir, Bibbo, Allauddin, M. Ismael. The demand was accepted by the government and a film-to-film exchange agreement was made with India - seperate for East and West Pakistan until 1965-war. Since Indian film are totally banned in Pakistan.

  • Director W.Z. Ahmad's inaugural film "Ruhi" was the first banned film in Pakistan.


    Actors: Evergreen actor Yousuf Khan began his career from film "Perwaz".

    Eid Day's:
    (3 Urdu films)
    2 films on Eid-ul-Fittar (1373 hijri), Thursday, June 3, 1954
    2 Urdu: Sassi & Raat ki baat
    0 Punjabi: -
    1 film on Eid-ul-Azha, Wednesday, August 11, 1954
    1 Urdu: Ruhi
    0 Punjabi: -
    Remarkable Musical Movies
  • Sassi Gumnaam
    Sabiha Khanum
    Sabiha Khanum
    The first ever Golden Jubilee Urdu film in Pakistan
    Everready Pictures
    S A S S I
    Realesed on: Eid-ul-fittar, June 3rd, 1954
    Another film on this story was made in 1968 as "Sassi Punni".
    Read the story of Sassi Punnu here
    Actors Sabiha, Sudhir, Asha Poslay, Shah Nawaz...
    Producer J. C. Annand
    Director Daud Chand
    Music G. A. Chishti
    Lyrics ...
    Singers Kausar Perveen...
    Film songs:
    Na yeh Chand ho ga na tare rahen ge Kausar Perveen

    Kamaal Pictures Urdu film
    Realesed on: March 26, 1954
    Watch Movies OnlineA memorable musical film from the 50s...
    Actors Sabiha, Sudhir, Ragni, M. Ismael, Asif Jah, Nasreen, Ghulam Mohammad, Himalya Wala
    Producer G. A. Gull
    Director Anwar Kamaal
    Music Inayat Hussain
    Lyrics Qateel Shafai, Saif-ud-din Saif
    Singers Iqbal Bano, Kousar Perveen

    Film songs:
    Chandi ki ik jhankar par koi bhik geya.. ? (female)
    Bhag yehan say bhag ray... ? (male)
    Jia jhalay aur dhuwan na howay Kousar Perveen
    A Chand un say kehna, afsanay ban geye Kousar Perveen
    Chham chham naach utha ang Sakhi mera Kousar Perveen
    Payel mein geet hain chham chham ke Iqbal Bano
    Ankhen mila kay pyar ki.. Kousar Perveen

    Total 7 Released Films
    • 0 Punjabi film
    Super hit Urdu film
    1. Sassi
      Sabiha, Sudhir, Asha, Nazar

    Hit Urdu film
    1. Gumnaam
      Sabiha, Sudhir, M. Ismael

    Average Urdu film
    1. Ruhi
      Shammi, Santosh, Hamalia Wala

    Flop Urdu films
    1. Deewar
      Gulshan Ara, Sudhir, Allauddin
    2. Raat ki baat
      Sabiha, Santosh, Allauddin
    3. Perwaz
      Sabia, Yousuf Khan, Asha, Nazar
    4. Mujrim
      Gulshan Ara, Yousuf, Allauddin